The water levels and the correct type of water used in lead acid batteries are crucial to the batteries' performance and essentially its life. We can supply battery deionised water. Too much or too little water and the battery will fail equally so if the wrong type of water is used. This problem can be easily avoided and there are various solutions available to maintain water levels and essentially your batteries’ life and performance.

Automatic Battery Float System (BFS)

As the name suggests the BFS automatically maintains the optimum water level in every cell in your batteries.


A float in each of the battery cells operates a valve that shuts off the water supply in each cell when the water is at the correct level. The benefits of this system are obvious and the system can be fitted to material handling machinery, floor cleaning machines and access platforms.


All types of battery filling systems can be supplied so it's best to call us today to discuss our automatic battery float systems.

Manual Battery Top-Up System

Efficient battery filling systems - both automatic & manual in Sheffield

The deioniser cartridge which is wall-mounted, contains beds of cationic and anionic resins and allows the mobile trolley with a 20-litre container to be filled at this point by a gun which is attached to a mobile-filling trolley.


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