What other services do we offer?

You can save time and money by using POSNEG for all your battery and charger technical service needs. Avoid the expense of hiring multiple contractors as POSNEG electricians, technicians and service engineers have all the experience and qualifications needed to carry out a multitude of battery and charger repair and installations.

  • Battery and charger inspections/contracts

  • Washing and neutralising of acid corroded batteries

  • Fully contained unit to clean batteries on site

  • Full battery and charger repair services

  • Reconditioning of batteries and chargers

  • New battery and charger sales

  • Battery topping contract carried out by our topping engineers

  • Automatic watering systems

  • Battery room safety and spill kits

  • Battery room installations

  • Battery trays drained or replaced.

Reasons to call POSNEG today

  • No call out charge

  • Competitive prices guaranteed

  • Same day response on all calls received before 10am

  • Emergency weekend call out

A large variety of services from POSNEG in South Yorkshire

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From thorough charger inspections straight through to battery room installations, POSNEG can do it all. Call today:

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